Seawheeze 2016

Ummm who is this girl and what’s with this sudden surge in writing?!

Welllllll…since I wrote one of my last posts called Distance, I have been feeling like a huge weight has been lifted and just generally feeling a lot more focused. It’s a good thing because it’s reaffirming that I’ve made the right decision and ultimately, I’m already feeling inspired again. AWWW YESSS! It’s totally amazing what can happen when you feel at peace with yourself.

So, with this new found freedom, I’ve consistently felt the urge to write and because of that I’ve been taking full advantage of the creativity that’s sparking in my mind.

With that being said, this post in particular is an open letter to a pretty amazing race that holds a special place in my heart and that has given me so much. So without further adieu, I hope you keep reading and of course, enjoy!

Dearest Seawheeze,

I’ve always strongly believed that you learn something from every race you run, and this year in particular, you my friend did not disappoint.

The first word that comes to mind is persistence. As in despite it being my 3rd time as a participant and achieving my worst result so far, I still managed to persist right past every mental and physical barrier that got in my way.

You might think that I resent you for this, and at first, I won’t lie, I did, but you see, you will always be infinitely special to me. You were my very first half marathon and the very first race I had the privilege to pace.

That first year in 2014, I didn’t fully believe I was capable of crossing your finish line, but sure enough, you taught me just how capable I was. Especially at the 18km mark when that tiny hill in Stanley Park felt like what I think it feels like to scale Mount Everest.

In 2015, with a stronger sense of confidence and a big heart, you showed me what it was like to help others reach their goals of crossing your finish line and you filled up my soul with a lotta love – A LOT. I will NEVER forget the cheers, hugs and happy tears of that undeniably amazing group of people.

It’s for these moments that I will forever be grateful for you. 

This year you taught me something different. You taught me that it’s absolutely okay to struggle and that it’s okay to stand strong in your own truth. That just because something feels physically and mentally harder than before it doesn’t mean you’re allowed to define yourself as a terrible runner. That whatever obstacle you face, what’s most important is the will and determination in your heart. Thankfully, this girl right here, she has the heart of a lion.

But as much as you have taught me and as special as you are, I must confess that you and I must part ways for a little while. It was not an easy decision to make because I am sure there will be some serious FOMO happening when registration opens, but it was and is the right decision for me, and in case there is any doubt in your mind about how proud I am to have earned this year’s medal, just check out this hella awesome photo of me rockin’ it in the Rockies!

๐Ÿ“ท: Tyler McGillivray (@tyler_mcgillivray)

There’s some serious beaming happening in this pic. Even the mountains + clouds are smiling!

And girl, I hope you aren’t sad. My promise to you is that when I am ready to visit you again, I will be faster, stronger, and more ready for you than ever before. The silver lining? The chance for a completely new runner to experience all of your radness. Get excited. They’re coming for you ๐Ÿ˜

Buckets o’ love,


Well there you have it. Now that you know there’s one less person signing up on registration day, are you in? If the sea, mountains, yoga + running are your thing, you should be.

Yours swiftly,

A โœŒ๐Ÿผ๏ธ๐Ÿ’œ

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